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The Spectra Shield Collar Attached Medallion offers 4 months of flea and tick control for dogs 6 months and older...
Length: 2:18

Boundary Scan for Wireless Mapping Fence...
Length: 0:44

Our Petco Adjustable Mesh Harness for Dogs is a super-stylish ultra-comfortable harness. The gunmetal finish metal hardware adds flair while the bold color really shows off your dog's sense of style.
Length: 2:17

The new QuickFinder Clipper is a nail clipper that utilizes QuickSensor Technology that senses your pet's quick and gives visual cues as to when it is safe and when it is not safe to begin clipping. h...
Length: 3:11

Silver Tails Bamboo Charcoal Multi Use Mats use an innovative bamboo charcoal made from Moso Bamboo, also known as "Black Diamond".
Length: 2:33

Meet Jim the PETCO Dog Trainer.
Length: 1:39

Our CLEAN + green Wood & Tile Cleaner, Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover is a professional strength stain and odor eliminator that utilizes an exclusive patented encapsulation technology and advanced el...
Length: 1:00

Hagen Dogit Mind Games Interactive Dog Game provides a fun, interactive game for you and your dog.
Length: 1:08

The FURminator grooming brush reduces shedding up to 90%.
Length: 0:32

Hol-EE Roller is a fun, versatile toy with the durability you've been searching for.
Length: 1:10

The Pet Loo is your backyard potty in a box - A very clever solution for all your animal's toilet problems.
Length: 0:42

As dog parents, we have a responsibility to provide for both the mental and physical well-being of our dogs. -
Length: 2:30

Behind the scenes of the PETCO spring apparel photo shoot. http://www/
Length: 0:45

AKC Adjustable Dog Harness - Our elite line of dog harnesses from the American Kennel Club combines sturdy and durable materials with soft nylon mesh and padding for extra comfort.
Length: 0:33

Learn how to examine your pet's teeth and keep their mouth healthy.
Length: 2:54

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