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The PetSafe aluminum patio panel door makes life easier for both you and your pet. Best of all, it's quick and easy to install. Once you find the right size and color for your pet in your home, use the height adjuster to get the door in place. Drill two pilot holes and use two of the half inch screws to secure the height adjuster. With the door against the frame, find and mark the center of the exposed portion on the door frame. Move the door back out of the way. Then line up one of the T-brackets with the center mark on the door frame and mark the track. Drill two pilot holes. Then screw the bracket into place. Slide the door back against the frame and drill a pilot hole through the T-bracket and into the door, careful not to drill all the way through the other side. Then use another screw to secure the door. Slide the second T-bracket under the edge of the door. Mark the bottom track. Drill a pilot hole into the bottom track and into the door, careful not to drill inside the ridge, which marks where the glass ends. Then use screws to secure the bottom of the door in place. Install the lock in the back of the sliding glass door drilling pilot holes if necessary. Then install the weather stripping on the exposed edge of the patio panel. Install the glass sweep on the back edge of the sliding glass door. Trim the excess off both. Use treats and praise to get the dog accustomed to using his new door. Just slide in the closing panel when you want to keep your pet safely inside. To take it out, simply pull back the pin and slide it up. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can be sure your pet has the freedom he needs. Check out the pet door options for your sliding glass door today.
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