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Take a cat-nap in this transportable pod. Hi, everyone. I'm Yvette from TTPM. And this is the Smoky Pod by PetPals Group. This Smoky Pod is a felt bed for pets with a removable cover that makes it easy to transport, and a pillow that makes it extra cozy to snuggle up in. The PetPals Felt Pod is a great place for your pet to catch their next cat-nap-- or even dog-nap. It's great for cats and can be used for small dogs, too. The PetPals Felt Pod comes in a variety of colors. If your cat likes to take naps in small, cozy spaces, then the Felt Pod could be a great product for you. It creates a safe space for your cat to snuggle up in and catch some Zs. If your cat likes more open spaces, simply zip off the top and let him bundle up in a more exposed area. The Felt Pod measures 16 by 19 by 11 inches. For more on this product, including current pricing and where to buy, find us at TTPM and subscribe to the TTPM Pet Toys and Gear Reviews YouTube channel to find reviews of great stuff for your pets.
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