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shoo!Tag Cat Flea & Tick Repellent tags are 100% safe and free of toxins.

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It all started when our founders, two sisters, were trying to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the sisters owned an organic milk cow. The problem was that to protect her organic milk cow from bugs, she had to spray it with chemicals and poisons, which kind of defeats the purpose of having an organic milk cow. In fact, they realized it was no different for people. When you use the common treatments for bug repellent, you're actually spraying chemicals and poison onto your family and a lot of it never gets on the person. It just floats into the environment. Not good for our kids or our planet. So they thought, what if we could find a way to protect our family, pets, and animals from those annoying and disease carrying bugs without using dangerous chemicals or harmful poisons, and protect our environment at the same time? In other words, create a totally safe, effective, and green way to shoo bugs. It's been proven by scientists that insects are bothered or repelled by a specific frequency when they come into contact with it. Each bug has a different frequency that bugs it. So if you could find a way to use that frequency, you would not need any poisons or chemicals. The, answer, and our secret, was to embed the frequency onto a magnetic strip on a tag. The tag, when activated through an energy source, would resonate the frequency around the person or animal, and then repel the bugs. But how do you power the tag? Well, as we looked around, we found many devices currently in use that were powered by the most natural energy source on the planet-- our own bodies. Devices such as a heart pump or prosthetic hand have been used in the medical world for many years. And the energy to power the device comes from the person or animal wearing it. Ingenious. You see, we all learned in science class that every person or animal produces energy, which in turn creates an energy field that surrounds the body. So when you wear the tag with the magnetic stripe next to your skin, your body becomes the battery and powers the tag. The frequency on the tag resonates and floods the energy field around the person or animal and voila, no chemicals, no poisons and no bugs. You are now protecting your family, pets, and animals with a totally organic, completely green, safe, and effective solution that uses no dangerous poisons or harmful chemicals and is totally friendly to our planet. Each tag takes up to 24 hours to power effectively and lasts up to four months. That means not only is it good for your family and pets, but it's also good for your wallet. Our solution costs up to 40% less than those other dangerous treatments. And it helps save our planet. Why would you ever use anything else?
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