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Guinea pigs are known for making sounds that have different meanings to help communicate. They are also known to 'popcorn' or jump in the air when they are happy. Guinea pigs require daily interaction

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The Guinea pig that we keep as a pet is one of the three mammals from South America that have been domesticated by man thousands of years ago. These little guys belong to the family Cavia, and all the members of this family are unique from other rodents in the fact that they have four little toes in their front feet and three on the back feet, these little piggies here. The original wild guinea pig looked something like my friend [? Punella, ?] the agouti here, but the domestication process has produced them in all colors and fur types. They're very easy to handle, and they make great pets for children, as long as you, the parent, are aware that guinea pigs can live to be six years old. And they will need daily care for all that time, as well as holiday boarding expenses when you go away, and periodic visits to the vet for nail trimming and other care. You must pay very close attention to their diet, as guinea pigs and humans are one of the few mammals that cannot synthesize their own vitamin C. And you have to be sure you feed them guinea pig pellets formulated specifically for guinea pigs, because these pellets will have vitamin C added to them. And in addition to the guinea pig pellets, they need lots of Timothy Hay, fresh green Timothy Hay, and fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Here [? Prunella, ?] you want a banana? There we go. As with most rodent-type animals, their teeth grow throughout their lives, and it's important that you provide them with chew toys made specifically for bunnies and guinea pigs for them to nom to keep the teeth in good repair. I've had guinea pigs all my life and will continue to do so. I hope your family is as happy with them as I have been. Remember with all pets, the love and attention that you give them will reward you every day.
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