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Unleashed by Petco is commited to offering a wide selction of products proudly made in the USA.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Products made here in the USA are getting huge because we all have one common ground. I want my dog or my cat to eat good food. The same good foods that I would eat. To get the best product for your pet is by getting products are made in the USA. I feel if it's made in the USA, more likely it's going to have what it says on the package. You know where the ingredients are coming from. You can trace them back to the actual farm that they are from. And it's better for us here in the US. It helps your community. It's definitely supporting our own economy here. And usually at Unleashed, I can actually find products that are made in the USA. [MUSIC PLAYING] You just want to protect him and you love him as much as you would love your own child. And I want her to be happy. That's your buddy, so you want to treat them good. We're protected with each other and that's how I feel. That's why USA is so important to me. [MUSIC PLAYING]
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