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The new QuickFinder Clipper is a nail clipper that utilizes QuickSensor Technology that senses your pet's quick and gives visual cues as to when it is safe and when it is not safe to begin clipping. h

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Concern for cutting too far into your pets nails when trimming them makes nail clipping unsettling both for pets and for caregivers. With the remarkable new QuickFinder clippers it doesn't have to be that way. The QuickFinder is a nail clipper for dogs, cats, small animals and birds that utilizes leading edge wuick sensor technology. Effectively detecting the quik and avoiding unnecessary pain to your pet. Using the Quickfinder is easy once you understand a few simple techniques. First of all bring out the QuickFinder ahead of time and let your pet become familiar with it. Examine fur and nails for signs of injury. Nails should be injury free and dry before nail clipping. This incredible pain saving device solves the number one problem when it comes to clipping nails. Knowing when it is not safe to clip, Knowing when to proceed with caution and knowing when it is safe to clip. TO begin, power on the QuikFinder by squeezing the handles together until the red light comes on. Keep a slight pressure on the handles to keep the QuickFinder powered up. The QuickFinder automatically shuts off when the handles are released. With the red light on insert your pets nail into the blade hole from the underside of the clipper. Keep the nail at a 90 degree angle against the sensor side of the blade hole. Move the base of the nail far enough into the clipper that the quik is detected. THe red light will flicker and remain on. This sets the sensor to the quik in the nail. Now move the clipper outwards towards the end of the nail, keeping the nail on the sensor side of the whole. The yellow light may briefly light as the sensor scale senses more nail than quik. The green light comes on when you have moved the clipper to a safe place to cut the nail. Do not clip the nail when the yellow or red lights are on. Keeping the 90 degree angle, squeeze the handles together in a firm swift motion. It's normal for the green light to turn off after clipping the nail. If the red light stays on and the other lights don;t activate. Power off the clipper by releasing the handles then start over. Remember, using the Quikfinder makes clipping nails safe and easy. Power on, insert your pets nail, the red light means you have detected the quik, slowly back the quikfind outwards towards the tip of the nail, when you see the green light it's safe to clip. THe Quikfinder is safe,pain free, quik and easy. Gently reassure your pet and be sure to end the clipping session with a positive act. Playing, snuggling or giving a treat. If all lights come on, the batteries must be replaced. To replace the batteries, remove the cover on the battery compartment. Remove the old batteries, being sure to dispose of them properly. Insert 2 new "AAA" batteries following the instructions on the Quikfinder.
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